PRODUCTION STILLS by Christine McGee & Mark Tilley

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We were so pleased with the way the production moved along. A big thank you to MANY: First, Senator Tim Solobay who has always felt the Life-Counts information sharing network is long overdue for first responders. The Canon-McMillan School District and support members Edward Keener and Debbie Young.  The Canonsburg and North Strabane fire and police departments who were there ahead of scheduile and provided all the men, equipment and vehicles we needed. Area S.W.A. T. members. Special thanks to Canonsburg Police Chief R.T. Bell, N. Strabane Chief Dan Strimel, Sgt. Richards and Officer Wagstaff.  Special thanks to N. Strabane Fire Chief Mark Grimm and Canonsburg Fire Chief Tom Lawrence.  Thanks to Canonsburg Mayor Dave Rhome for coordination.  Thanks to Canonsburg Ambulance Service.  Thanks to Evacu-Trac® for use of the Evacu-Trac chair and helping to sponsor the video.  Thanks to my crew: Sammy Orlawski and  Bonnie Burchesky.  Production stills by photographers Christine McGee and Mark Tilley. The Cast: John "#17" Smith as the new teacher, Susan Stonebreaker and Marianne Tilley as the principals. Cody, Brian, Evan and Jerrod as the four "Intruders". JR Knodle as the school security guard. The 20+ students who played the role of "the students" who were taken hostage and my daughter Natalie for getting together all the kids and parents to help out! Jim Reynolds and Jessica Britvitch as the news reporters and Lou Valenzi as the school safety manager. And lastly, a BIG thank-you to my son Michael who expertly handled the camera and masterfully edited Code Red: INTRUDERS!.  

Thanks to all....Steve Burchesky/Producer


A school door was not secured, and several intruders get in! Photo/McGee
The principal's worse fears are realized! Photo/McGee
Four armed intruders have breached security. Photo/McGee
The public address system alerts the school of trouble.
The new teacher, Mr. Smith assures the students everything will be okay. Photo/McGee
The PA system: "CODE RED-CODE RED". Blinds are closed and students told to move to rear of room. Photo/McGee
This new teacher attempts to calm the students BEFORE he locks the door - MISTAKE!. Photo/McGee
Two intruders crash into the classroom before the teacher can lock the door! Photo/McGee
"Cody the Skull" pushes the "Old Man" back into the room. Photo/McGee
Officers are arriving on the scene. Photo/McGee
The school security guard tries to alert the principal
It's too late! The school's principal is forced out of her office by the intruder known only as "Bruiser". Photo/McGee
Freightened students hide behind desks. Photo/McGee
Intruder actor "Cody the Skull" fires his weapon to scare the students. Photo/McGee
S.W.A.T members gear up. Photo/McGee
"Send in the S.W.A.T" . Photo/Tilley
S.W.A.T. MOVES IN. Photo/McGee
The assistant principal explains how the important plans that HAD to be brought to the ICP were knocked out of her hands by one of the intruders. Photo/McGee
Photo / McGee



Meanwhile, the intruders order the teacher and a student to leave.  Because of mobility issues, and the elevators shut down, the school's Evacu-Trac®  was easily managed by the teacher.  We see a police officer passing them as he heads upstairs to assist the SWAT team.


Evacu-Trac® is a proud sponsor of this exciting video in helping to promote US Life Safety's program, "Improving Emergency Preparedness For Schools"


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Parents are worried. Are their children safe? Photo/Tilley
Police coordinate with S.W.A.T. Photo / Tilley
S.W.A.T. moves down the hallway. Photo/ McGee
The four intruders are captured and are led out by S.W.A.T. - Photo/Tilley
As a precaution - the hostages are instructed to exit the building with hands over their heads. Photo/McGee
Paramedics arrive for possible injuries. Photo/Tilley
Mayor Dave Rhome praises the principal for backup emergency planning.- Photo/Tilley
A happy ending when the children are all safe. Photo/Tilley
How Prepared ARE You? It's Worth It! - Photo/Tilley











Producer/Director Steve Burchesky gives last minute instructions to actor/teacher John Smith and students. Photo/McGee
Mike Burchesky lining up a low angle video shot of an approaching squad car. Photo/McGee
"Take 3" Mike Burchesky - 1st Camera. Photo/McGee
The intruders are captured and led out cuffed by SWAT. Cameraman Michael Burchesky is seen filming the action. Photo/McGee
Mayor Dave Rhome (3rd from left) moves in for his part as the production team plans the next scene with Canonsburg Police Chief R.T Bell. Photo/McGee
Preparing for the dolly shot. Photo/Tilley
Steve Burchesky makes sure straps are secure before the Evacu-Trac® is set into motion. Photo/ McGee
S.W.A.T. moves in as spectators watch the action being taped. Photo/McGee
Students are preparing to be escorted out. Photo/Tilley
Christine McGee/Stills & Sammy Orlowski/PA Assisit - Photo/Tilley
Steve Burchesky, Mike Burchesky & Christine McGee. Photo/Tilley
At the Incident Command Post. Photo/McGee
Mike Burchesky - 1st camera & Steve Burchesky-Producer/Director - Photo/Tilley
Steve Burchesky watched son Michael sitting on a 4-wheel dolly prepare for an action shot. Photo/McGee
"Bruiser", "Cody the Skull", "Ack-Ack" and "Major Bri" Photo/McGee
The bad guy "Intruders" revealed! All students from Canon-McMillan. GREAT job guys! Crew and the two principals pose for cast/crew photo. Photo/Tilley




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