There are many notification alert systems available. All are good, but Life-Counts offers a new level system approach to emergency notification; Introducing "HERO", a 'first' in group emergency communication technology.



Typically, with alert systems today, only key individuals, like the building's Emergency Coordinator, the School's Principal, the Facility Manager or the  Director of Security are the few who are designated to initiate alerts such as; Using the public address system or generating Email, text or voice alerts.


In a life-threatening situation, it is likely an on-the-scene employee who spots the danger first-hand, is likely to be in a position to view and report the actual situation in progress.


Standard emergency procedure protocol and calling building security and 911 is important. However, using only this approach may not get important updated information of an escalating situation out fast enough.  ALL building occupants could be at great risk when they ask "What is going on?


Building occupants NEED to know WHAT is going on and WHERE. And they need to know ASAP!


The Life-Counts HERO Emergency group emergency communication system* is similar to group e-mail or  text alerts. But the safetynet with Life-Counts is this restricted application is reserved to a single school and designated building occupants through selected individuals registered in that school's Life-Counts.  Users can send/receive eye-wittness events to fellow employees and local First Respoinders- who can return upadtes as well.


HERO* will provide custom alerts to primary building-related groups (More groups may be added and all must be registered Life-Counts users) HERO has the capability to send and receive instant text* messages to any or all of the following groups;

  • Response Team/Chain-of-Command

  • First Responders/9-1-1

  • School Security - School  Resource Officers (SRO) 

  • EVERYONE in the building*

  • Classrooms or Departments*

By using the Life-Counts HERO, everyone can now be apprised of the dangerous situation as on-the-scene witnesses report in. These are regarded as the HERO!

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* HERO Email alerts is included. HERO text alerts are optional and requires setup and usage fees.

Every school and every school district must adhere to state codes, mandates or regulations that require an emergency plan. The mandates vary and often require many of the following;

Concerned about releasing student information? FERPA applies to students who are minors.  MORE

  • A safety committee formed for plan review and updates
  • An "All-Hazard" plan or "Emergency Response Plan "must be in place
  • The plan must be reviewed annually by the safety committees;
  • The plan must be updated annually
  • The plan must be submitted to local emergency services annually or when changes occur
  • The plan must be submitted to the county's emergency management agency (often in 3-ringed binders, DVDs, CDs, a stack of papers or in one or more email attachments.
  • Maps must be provided to emergency services with floor plans, mechanical plans, aerials, ICC locations, evacuation routes, assembly areas and hydrant locations
  • Written procedures must be available for operation of key building equipment such as the fire alarm panel or utilities shut offs
  • Emergency supplies on hand
  • Plans must be available to every employee (Often to parents/guardians & students)
  • Teams must be organized and changes in team rosters must be updated as soon as important changes have occurred and submitted back to emergency services
  • Employees must be trained for emergencies with details of their roles and many other requirements which varies from state to state.


  • As of July 7, 2012 Pennsyvania, Safe Schools Chapter §10.24. is now law. There are many documents required of PA charter, Vo-Tech, Intermediate Units and public school districts, that MUST be made avaialble to the county, local police and/or fire departments in the event of an incident or a disaster and made available to the Incident Command Post. This emergency information should be reviewed anually and made available to police and fire every year by September 30. To see this list, go to our CODES tab and view the details in Chapter §10.24. Districts must know and understand this law. US Life Safety will not legally interpret the law but will assist.


See state codes and mandates in "Codes". If your state is not listed and would like us to include, please contact us.


Pennsylvania Department of Education Safe Schools and Department of Homeland (DHS) grants are available. MORE


Life-Counts® Features

Life-Counts® is not a plan but a unique web-based "management tool" that is ideal for managing emergency planning and preparedness in any facility.





1) Sharing Critical Information with Staff AND locaL Emergency Services - FAST!

2) Update Floor Plans - Evac Routes - Update Plans - Update Team Roster - FAST!

3) Comply with  PA D.O.E. Safe Schools Chapter §10.24 - FAST!

4) Accountability that Employees Understand Key Elements of Your Plan!



  • Secure 3-code Login
  • EZ Upload of documents, emergency plans, floor plans, maps, photos and videos
  • Unique, FAST & EZ team design, organization and assignment capabilities
  • Special Needs individuals (voluntary) information and location identification for building management and first responders
  • Critical infrastructure information sharing; Alarms, Haz-Mat, Public Address, Utilities...
  • Emergency supply data base
  • Event scheduling
  • Group email alerts (the number of receipients is based on your browser's capability to send bulk emails)
  • Automatic plan evaluation - Spot waakness so improvements may be made to your plan
  • Feedback & Blog
  • Fire drill/Incident/Exercise log book
  • Active Goal Setting and Target Date alerts for Administrators to keep everyone on track.
  • More!


Being a Life-Counts® subscriber provides an extra measure of safety assurance that may qualify for insurance premium discounts.  Check with your risk manager for available discounts based on your improving safety and reducing risk. If they say "no"... it may be time to shop around. There are many insurance carriers anxious for your business and WILL provide discounts for improvments in safety or that lower risk.  Life-Counts® can even provide a speacila portal for your insurance carrier to be part of the program and tyrack your performance. Check with us for how a plan might work for all parties. 





US Life Safety Inc. is dedicated to the safety and security of your organizations sensitive information. Whether your information is covered by the HIPAA privacy rule, PII (Personally Identifiable Information) regulations or are governed by other federal or corporate requirements we offer controls to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your companies private data.


Standard access to your organizations information is protected by a user name and complex password combination which is provided for each user. To ensure further secure access, all logins can be protected by SSL encryption and audit trails can be created to log activity. If there is a requirement for enhanced security, a third level of authorization can be implemented depending on customer requirements. This can include a PIN or private password created to control access to more sensitive areas of information.


Note: If multi-factor authentication is a requirement for your organization, your Life-Counts® access can be set up at an additional cost.




Improving Emergency Preparedness for Schools -  In August of 2011, US Life Safety began a program to improve emergency preparedness in schools. The program was named "Improving Emergency Preparedness For Schools"

school, shooter, prepare Video #1 CODE RED: Intuders!

The Life-Counts Information Sharing Network couples facilitie and local First Responders to critial emertgency for pre-training or response.



school, shooter, prepare [CLICK HERE] HERO - GROUP EMERGENCY ALERTS

During an incident building occupants need to know what is going on! The new Life-Counts HERO 'app' provides interactive group communication throughout any faculty including local First Responders. Click on the HERO graphic to view and  [MORE INFO].


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