Our background in reviewing commercial facilities/property for building evacuation began in the 70's. Mr. Burchesky estimates that in that time, he likely reviewed over 80% of all high-rise buildings in Los Angeles from top to bottom. Mr. Burchesky primarily looked at evacuation routes, safety equipment and features which would ultimately end up in a comprehensive emergency procedures training program for building employees and occupants. Subject matter covered: Fire, bomb threats, earthquakes and medical emergencies. Other commercial sites visited included facilities throughout the San Fernando Valley, San Francisco, San Diego, New York, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Camp Hill.


When US Life Safety implemented its unique Life-Counts® program for the Capital Area Intermediate Unit (CAIU) in Camp Hill in 2005, we began to include schools in our safety assessments.


We are proud to have on our Advisory Board two security specialist that we consult with on a regular basis; Mr. Tom Watson for IT security and Mr. William Wipprecht for facility security. 


Our own comprehensive assessment includes security, safety and preparedness. We begin our assessment with the perimeter, review the entire structure, entry and exit points, safe areas, identification, mapping, stairwells, alarms, communications CCTV, life/safety equipment and of course, what emergency preparedness planning is in place for employee, along with what information sharing capabilities the client has with fire, police and county EMA.


Depending on the property size and square footage, our walk-thru assessment takes a minimum of two hours to complete each building. All assessments result with a follow-up written summary provided to our clients with recommendations.


Please contact us for an estimate


School Assessment Outline

There are instances where questions overlap into other sections. A minimum 1/2 day must be designated for each facility for Q&A with facility manager followed by on-site walk thru


  1.           EXTERIOR (42 Questions)

   Perimeter Fencing,  Gates,  Doors Entrance Area, Landscaping Grading, Signs,   

   Exterior Lighting, Designated Parking , Receptacles - Container, Main Administration, 

   Offices, Bike Racks


  1.           INTERIOR  (116 Questions)

   Admin, Offices, Doors, Windows, Corridors, Student Lockers, Stairs, Elevators,

   Offices/Classrooms, Cafeteria, Restrooms


  1.           SECURITY, ALARMS & ALERTS  (25 Questions )

          Alerts - Alarm System - Paging


  1.           COMMUNICATIONS (30 Questions )

   Audio, Video & CCTV System


  1.           LIFE/SAFETY EQUIPMENT  (15 Questions)

   Equipment on hand; AED, First Aid, Back boards, etc.


  1.           FACILITIES  (27 Questions )

   Equipment from HVAC, exhaust fans and generators to Haz Mat


  1.           EMERGENCY SERVICES (23 Questions )

   Fire, police, state police, S.W.A.T., etc.


  1.           PLANS, CODES & POLICIES (37 Questions )

   Fedearl (OSHA) State, municipality and/or school safety policies


  1.           TRAINING, DRILLS & CERTIFICATIONS (32 Questions )

   Mandatory state required drills, exercises, reporting and individual life/safety



  1.           MITIGATION  (29 Questions )

  Is the facility located in an 'at risk' area? Gas, Flood plain, railroad, high traffic


  1.           EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS (34 Questions )

        Emergency/Crisis plans, Evaluating the plan,Floor plans/aerials, Chain of command,

        Testing, Flip charts, Inventory of emergency supplies, Local emergency services,


school, shooter, prepare Video #1 CODE RED: Intuders!

The Life-Counts Information Sharing Network couples facilitie and local First Responders to critial emertgency for pre-training or response.



school, shooter, prepare [CLICK HERE] HERO - GROUP EMERGENCY ALERTS

During an incident building occupants need to know what is going on! The new Life-Counts HERO 'app' provides interactive group communication throughout any faculty including local First Responders. Click on the HERO graphic to view and  [MORE INFO].


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