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#1 VERSION 5.0ES - Most Affordable

Small Business & Small Office Locations with less than 11 employees $9.95/month



(1) Floor plan (Submit one floor plan)

(2) Written Emergency Response Plan (Submit one plan)

(3) Chain-of-Command (Submit five (5) contacts + contact info

(4) Special Needs  (Submit 1-10 indviduals)

(5) Building Details (Safety features, HazMat, Utility Shutoffs, Alarml

(6) Media  (Submit 5 Photos and/or Videos)

(7) Information sharing with 1-4 Emergency Service Individuals + the two designated Life-Counts Coordinators.

The ES version does not allow immediate updates made by client as do versions 5.0NT & 5.0DX



The minimum items to submit are; a good emergency response plan, a set of floor plans (rooms, exits & stairwells-all well identified) and two contact indivduals; name, phone #s x2 and email address..



#2. Version 5.0NT  provides full control managment by client for unlimited number of buildings/locations. Updates are immediate to the designated individuals (emergency services, managment, auditors, etc.)


Unlimited uploads (PDF, JPEG files)

(1) Floor plans, maps and/or aerials

(2) Action plans, bomb threat check list and/or forms

(3) Chain-of-Command and Life/Safety Certification Info

(4) Special Needs Information

(5) Building Details: HVAC, Alarms, Utilities, Haz-Mat, etc.

(6) Emergency Supply Inventory

(7) After Action- Incidents, Drills or Exercises

(8) Media - Add Photos and/or Videos

(9) Employee Blog

(10) Event Scheduling; Action Team members, by Floor, All, More

(11) Full 1:1 Support for two (2) Life-Counts Coordinators.

(12) Monthly gap analysis reviews by US Life Safety

(13) Information sharing with Emergency Service of Client's choice.

(14) HEAD COUNT - Sorts members in your account into pre-assigned groups that makes is ideal during head-count following an evacuation.

(15) HERO - The HERO app allows users to send E-mail to all employees and designated First responders. The messages are automatically building and name stamped.  Text services are not included. 



#3. Version 5.0DX  The Deluxe Version - TESTING

Our most comprehensive version provides full control managment by client for unlimited number of buildings/locations. Includes on-line testing (or surveys) of building occupants (employees) with full accountability, scoring and auto-evalaution to determine weak areas in knowledge so improvements may be made.


Video #1 CODE RED: Intuders!

The Life-Counts Information Sharing Network couples facilitie and local First Responders to critial emertgency for pre-training or response.




During an incident building occupants need to know what is going on! The new Life-Counts HERO 'app' provides interactive group communication throughout any faculty including local First Responders.



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